Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees?

No, there are never any fees to join a legitimate talent agency.

How do I get my modeling or acting career started?

Agencies work on a commission basis.  We represent talent that can hit the ground running and have the strong ability to book jobs immediately.  It is not an agency's job to teach you about the industry.  Legitimate agencies can give you several recommendations on classes.  They can not require you work with anyone specific; however, we can require that you get training.  Please visit our Resources page for great recommendations!

How do I submit to the Agency?

DVA Talent has gone green!!  We are now accepting new talent submissions via email.  To be considered for representation,  Please send Headshot/Resume and/or Comp Card/Resume to

What about Babies/Toddlers?

There is not a great demand for any age below seven in Texas.  However, DVA Talent currently markets our Jr. Talent division to companies throughout the United States.  We maintain one of the most diverse group of Jr. Talent available for Print, Film, Television or Runway.  To have your child considered for our Jr. Talent Division, follow the directions on our application form

Copy and Paste this link or visit our Resources page under Other.

The correct mailing address is:  DVA Talent, P.O. Box 490, Copperas Cove, TX  76522   Thank you!!

You may also email us information requested on form to

Please only send photos of your child fully dressed, no food, and by themselves.  We do NOT accept re-touched pageant style photos.


Talent Obligations to Agent

Talent Obligations to Talent Agent

  • Consistent professionalism, punctuality, always looking your best (or looking the role).
  • Keep headshots/resumes current, making sure your agent has an ample supply of your headshots/resumes at all times.
  • Keep agency aware of your current address and phone number, and if you are going to leave town for any length of time.
  • CONTINUE to build your resume through independent films and theatre work.
  • CONTINUE to build your skills through on-going acting classes or workshops.
  • In order to be successful, an agency must send out talent most likely to get the audition and then book the job. It’s your job to make your agent believe that you are one of those talent. Let your agent know what you are doing so they can market you in the best way: classes, workshops, independent films, plays, etc. Invite them to performances and/or classes so they can see your progress.
  • Never give your home phone or address to a client- give your agency address and telephone number.
  • Keep audition and booking information to yourself. Your agency will send the right people to meet the needs of the client. Just because another actor frequently attends auditions for the same roles as you do does not mean that they will always be called for the same projects; there might be a very good reason they were not called.
  • When you receive sides for an audition do NOT throw them away until you know you don’t have a callback.

Talent Agent Obligations to Talent

Talent Agent Obligations to Talent

  • A legitimate agent gets a commission when talent gets paid. It is illegal for an agency to require upfront fees for representation.
  • Your agent is your representative; you are submitted to the clients who call for specific jobs. The agent assists you in getting an interview or audition.
  • Your agent negotiates rates and handles collection of fees on your behalf for your participation in a project. Once the agency receives payment, they will deposit the check. Unless a written contract to the contrary exists, all monies received on behalf of an artist must be disbursed to that artist no later than 10 banking days after receipt by the talent agency. Individual agencies vary: check with the agency to understand payment policies. If your agent is SAG franchised, they are bound by SAG Agency Regulations. Note: presently there are no SAG franchised agencies in Central Texas.
  • Talent agents can recommend acting coaches and photographers so that you may further your training and keep your promotional materials up to date. Reputable agents do not receive fees or “kickbacks” for these recommendations.
  • Talent agents provide friendly and efficient service to you personally, as well as on your behalf to clients and casting directors.


What is the "Real People" division?

The Real People division of DVA Talent is for anyone willing to do extra work and small non-union jobs.  No acting experience or training is required.  Talent who are currently with the agency may also choose to be listed in the Real People division, though it is not required.